Jip Driehuizen

Since 1991 I work with, my company, De Beweging (consultancy for exercise, relaxation and ergonomics) in a preventive way on health issues of individuals and in businesses.
Since 2008 I provide regular physiotherapy under Hart Physiotherapy & Coaching.
From 2010 I develop Beweging.TV; ehealth for exercise and relaxation.

 I strongly believe in the use of natural resources (not drugs) to address, for example; persistent pain, burnout, anxiety and headaches and the internet seems an ideal medium for the transmission of this message. So follow my blogs.

 I studied Physiotherapy (1981), Kinesiology (1984, bachelor) and Health Psychology (2000, bachelor) and was educated in the field of mindfulness and the Feldenkrais Method (2014), ergonomics (1995), haptonomie (1987), NLP (1991) , coaching (2007) and relaxation therapy (2009).

 I wrote two books:

 Healthy Computerwork (own edition, 1999)

Dealing with RSI (together with Carien Karsten, Spectrum 2002).

Commissioned by a mental health institution, I developed an Energy Management course for clients with burnout complaints and helped numerous companies in optimizing working conditions.

I wrote a course for physiotherapists therapy in CANS (RSI).

I have great pleasure in innovation. So I was one of the first to measure muscle tension (EMG) used in the workplace. Also, I introduced at the beginning of this century the use of biofeedback, the measurement of heart coherence (including the HeartMath method).

Currently I spend a lot of time in developing online applications via Beweging.TV and develop, as a mindfulness trainer, within and outside of companies.