is a one-man therapy practice in the heart of Amsterdam.

Are you reaching a burnout? Or do you suffer from persistent neck, shoulder, back or arm pain? And / or fatigue or hyperventilation? I can help you with these complaints caused by overload or mental restlessness. I'm also available in the evening.

My clientele generally consists of people who deal with a lot of ‘headwork’ and whose bodies are neglected. I coach people so that they get more heart for their body and more ease on their mind. My assumption is that you can achieve more by doing less and that you can fight your pain, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, anxiety or depression with much less medication. 

Hart Physiotherapy offers more than just physical therapy. I also offer coaching, mindfulness training, massage, biofeedback and eHealth (online exercises and training).  

Also I provide in-company advice and workshops. 

For therapy, you can sign up with, but also without referral by a physician. You can book an appointment, (after I’ll contact you) or call me: 06 23576692.

The first appointment is free (30 min), so that we can decide together whether you are, at heart, in the right place.

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