Dealing with stress: the challenge of this era

  • Biofeedback
  • Massage
  • Mindfulness

Stress is the result of external "threats" and reflecting internally to it (worrying). Tension is the result of a lack of recovery times.

However, anyone can learn to relax better, so you too. For example, by breathing exercises or muscle relaxation. There are even exercises to worry less. And also well-dosed physical activity leads to improved physical and mental health. The beauty is that I can show you all this through biofeedback. Even in times of "threats" it is possible to break the tension.

By introducing the principles of mindfulness training in my therapy, I can teach you to challenge the consequentes of stressfull events even better.

It is important to determine in which stage of 'overstress' you are. Many people nowadays begin a mindfulness training, when actually they are still to restless. Doing long meditations can be very frustrating. Massages might be a better way; or breathing exercises.

After the intake with stress assessment (several biofeedback-measurements) we determine what relaxation methods you benefit the most.

Almost all conscious relaxation exercizes which I use can be found in my website (still in dutch).

Biofeedback: the body does not lie

In most intakes I use biofeedback-measurements to see to what extent the symptoms show a mind-body connection. This I connect to the data from questionnaires and physical examination. Through biofeedback, you can determine whether the body at rest is also relaxed, or still in a state of alertness. 

Biofeedback is also an excellent way to show you how to relax your body. Examples include the learning of reducing muscle tension (EMG), improve heart rate variability (HRV) and breathing pattern, or improving the skin temperature and reducing sweating (nervousness) by meditating. 


There is increasing scientific evidence that 'normal' massage are beneficial in a range of symptoms, such as back pain, reducing blood pressure and reducing anxiety.

But it also improves alertness and concentration and reduces feelings of stress at work. Massage can reduce the amount of stress hormones in the blood. Also  Myofascial Trigger Points-massage is proven to be helpful with RSI or Tension Headache.

At Heart Physiotherapy you can book a massage from € 31,- per half hour and specify where you want to emphasize. For € 50, - (45 min) you can get a 'total body' massage where I first "read" the body and then focus on the most vunerable spots.

My favorite way of massaging is the "deep tissue' massage, with which I deeply penetrate the strained muscle. In addition, I grab the 'trigger points’ (muscle knots) on, which is not always painless and can be accompanied by emotions. But this gives inmidiate result.

We also offer massages in workplace-settings